Childhood Memories Touched By A Rose

When I was a child, on the way to school there was a rose bush that every spring bloomed with huge red roses and intoxicating aroma.

Everyday on my way to school and back, I stopped by the rose bush, inhaled their sensational smell and had a big smile on my face.

Ever since, every time I see a red rose I have to smell it, to bring back those lost memories of childhood. The pictures below are roses from my neighbor’s garden; they look and smell exactly as the roses I used to smell as a child.

Big crimson rosepink garden rose

If you love roses, I just finshed writing an article about the meaning of roses. Yes I know it means love. But there are few other meanings to this magnificent flower. So in case you want to read something, here’s the link…

What the rose means to you?


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