The Exotic Passionflower

I must confess that I’m not much of a gardener, I just love flowers and beautiful gardens. The thing is I don’t always know the names of the flower and plants that I have in my garden. And why am I telling you this? Because of this beautiful passiflora.


Years ago, when we just moved into our new home, someone brought us this cute little plant that was supposed to grow tall and big. We didn’t know it’s name or how to take care of it, so we planted it and waited to see what will come out.

A year after it grew and blossomed with these amazing flowers that intrigued us, but we never took the time to find out their name.

Along with the flowers, grow the fruits, which we believed were just hollow fruits not suitable for eating, so we gave them to the dog to play as balls.
One day we noticed our neighbor had the same plant, but it grow so big and beautiful that we had to ask him what it called and how he grew it.
Can you imagine our surprise and how stupid we felt to discover it was actually passiflora?

I recalled this story because our new passiflora, is blossoming right now. It is HUGE plant that covers all our garage.  The fruits are still green and my kids can hardly wait for them to ripen.

passiflora plant

Click here to read more about passiflora stories, legends and uses.


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