The Tropical Plumeria

One day, while walking my dog, I spotted this little tree growing in my neighborhood. It is so small you could hardly notice it, but the white and yellow spectacular flowers drew my attention.

As I later learned, this is the Plumeria, a tropical tree growing in Hawaii. Many years ago when my husband and I visitedHawaii, we received at the airport a welcome garland made of these lovely flowers.

According to wikpedia, in some Asian cultures the Plumeria is believed to provide shelter to ghosts and demons and it’s scents meant to attract vampires.

Plumeria tree and flowers

Plumeria tropical tree and flowers


Plumeria tropical tree and flowers




2 thoughts on “The Tropical Plumeria

  1. Aloha, very beautiful photos of plumeria. As a wholesale floral company here in Hawaii, there is more to flowers then you think. In Hawaiian culture these plumerias are commonly associated with the giving of ceremonial leis, thats why you and your husband were gretted with this flower lei when you visited Hawaii. The plumeria leis are given for greetings, weddings, accomplishments and as a sign of respect. The distinctive bright flowers of tropical Hawaii carry their own symbolic language. Historically, only royalty wore fragrant flowers, particularly jasmine, while commoners arrayed themselves in unscented blooms. Just wanted to give you some short information and if you’re ever interested in purchasing any types of tropical flowers from Hawaii, please give us a call at (866) 982-8322

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