My Trip To Floriade 2012 Part I

Every 10 years the Netherlands host a huge agriculture exhibit, the Floriade. When I learned it is happening right now, I thought to myself that I really want to go there.

As a mother of two youngsters it’s not an easy task to wake up in the morning and decide you want to travel somewhere in the world. But lucky for me, my husband was very supportive about me taking the trip and my kids promised to behave while I’m away 🙂

I also managed to convince my mom to join me as it will be a great opportunity to celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday in a mother daughter trip.

So off we flew to Amsterdam.

The Netherlands never fails to amaze me.

It is such a wonderful country, kind people and lots of cows and greenery.

We stayed at Amsterdam and traveled by train to the Floriade that is hosted by the city of Venlo. (Later this week I’ll share some nice pictures from our trip to Amsterdam and Gouda.)

The train ride took us about two hours, but it was so much fun to see the country from a train window. They have these gigantic cows and sheep that you can’t take your eyes of. And all the water canals and greenery is absolutely breath-taking.

At the Venlo central station waited a shuttle to take us to the Floriade. When we arrived there, all the surrounding grounds were covered with these lovely flowers that look like flourished out of no where.

blooming flowers

colorful field

This is me at the entrance

floriade entrance

This is a unique display of solar flowers. They are made from some sort of plastic that collect and reflect back the sun rays. When you stare at the flowers, you feel a warm sensation all over your body.

solar flowers display

Every flower was carefully planted to make a stunning effect of color and texture

floriade flowers

floriade flower display

I took so many pictures it will take me a while to sort everything. But I really wanted to share some of them. I hope you don’t mind me sharing more pictures of the green home, orchids, roses and many other great exhibits later on this week.

As you would expect from a flourishing country like the Netherlands, it was an amazing exhibit. We walked around for about 8 hours and I’m not sure we saw it all. The place is huge and there where so many great displays to be inspired by.

Every area was unique and presented a new view about nature, flowers and life. Every turn we discovered more flowers we haven’t seen before.

It was like receiving so many gifts at your birthday and opening them one at a time, each present is more exquisite and unique than the other one. It’s a gift from nature to mankind to inspire and teach us to live in harmony.


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