Zen Gardens

Continuing my visit to Floriade 2012 in Venlo Netherlands, today post is about Zen gardens.

I love Zen gardens, they are simple, yet powerful. It makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. I’m seriously considering creating a Zen garden at home, although I’m not sure how will my dogs react to that…they’re still young and like to dig holes everywhere.

Anyway, the Zen gardens at the Floriade were a true peace of art, I could sit there for hours staring at the water and the sensational flowers all around.

This Zen design is a beautiful combination of stones and plants, two nature’s basic elements.  The captivating blue rocks are water like creating the same effect as real water. If you like Zen gardens and don’t want to add water element, these rocks are great alternative.

Zen garden design

Another Zen garden.  A big water source in the center surrounded by exquisite flowers and greenery.

zen garden floriade

A view from a different angle:

The flowers around

yellow flowers

floriade 2012 zen gardens

floriade flowers





2 thoughts on “Zen Gardens

  1. Hi, do you know what kind of stone is used for the water-like feature in the first image in this post? Or who made this, so I could search for the designer.
    Thanx if you answer me! 🙂

    • Hi
      Thank you for writing. They were made of some kind of plastic. Not really sure what type, and unfortunately I didn’t notice the name of the manufacturer.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful 😦


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