The Hidden Rose Garden

Continuing my visit to Floriade, today I want to tell you  a story about the hidden rose garden that I almost missed.

At some point, while walking for hours at the Floriade, my mom and I got so tired that we looked for a place to sit and relax. We saw a big maze with benches so we decided to sit there for a while.

When we approached the maze, I saw a small rose bush with gigantic English roses. I just wanted to take a picture of the cute roses and go back to the bench.

But I wasn’t ready to what I discovered.

Rows upon rows of hybrid roses in almost every imaginable color, size, and smell. It was magical, like I have found a hidden garden full of roses.

I got all excited that I forgot I was tired. I took more then 50 pictures of all kinds of roses and I’m sure I missed some.

Here are some of my favorite pictures, to view the all collection you are welcome to visit my Facebook page or Flickr account:

Whiter shade of pale rose

whiter shade of pale rose


Pink paradise rose

pink paradise rose

Lampion rose

lampion rose

Designer sunset rose

designer sunset rose

Crown princess margareta rose

Crown princess margareta rose

Broceliande rose

Broceliande rose

Bonfire rose

Bonfire rose

Augusta luise rose

Augusta luise rose


4 thoughts on “The Hidden Rose Garden

  1. The pictures are lovely. I’m going there in a couple of weeks, but I doubt if there’ll be much in the way of roses, so thank you for posting so I and others can see some of them.

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