The Hibiscus Life Lesson

In my childhood neighborhood grow many hibiscus flowers. They were big and fascinating; however, the flowers were covered with ants and tiny bugs. Every time I wanted to pick a flower or even smell it, I was covered with tickling ants.

This experience made me dislike hibiscus and even ignore it for year. In my eyes it was just an annoying ants magnet flower.

It’s funny how childhood experience can influence who we are and the way we see the world. As a child I thought that the flower was made for me, and I couldn’t understand why on earth the ants and other bugs interfere my attempts to smell the flower.

It never accrued to me that maybe the flower has other plans and it’s job in the world is to give vital food for the bugs.

As a grown up, I think it is a great lesson for life. I’m not the center of the universe and others have their own agenda. Sometimes I can fit in their master plan, and sometimes I can only observe, and it’s OK.

 white hibiscus flower

white hibiscus flower


3 thoughts on “The Hibiscus Life Lesson

  1. I love how you’ve caught the texture of the petals. The semitransparent white-veins-on-white are beautiful.
    What kind of a camera do you use?

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