Lilac Color Flowers Or How To Refresh Yourself

The summer in Israel is horrible, the temperature is around 38c (100F) with very high humidity, all the green areas turn yellow and the flowers look weary and dusty.

After a month of full time entertaining my summer vacationer kids, I felt just like those dusty tired flowers. I didn’t have much energy to pick myself up from the couch to go, again, to the pool, beach or some other energy draining activity.

I called my husband and announced that the kids are coming to visit him in the office….on my way back home alone; I saw an open nursery, so I stopped there.

It was very relaxing and fun to see all the blooming fresh flowers, it immediately made me smile and a bit more energetic. What drew my attention the most were the lilac and purple flowers. They looked so majestic and clam as opposed to the yellow dusty scenery outside.

It was very reviving experience.

Unfortunately I didn’t had my camera with me so I couldn’t take pictures of these lovely flowers, but I have some other photos of lilac colored flowers from the Floriade which I visited earlier this summer.

Take a look at these stunning flowers and hopefully they will make you feel a little bit more chilled and happy.

lilac color flower

lilac color flowers

purple and lilac flowers


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