Tribute to The Oldest Flower on Earth

Orchids are cultivating this plant for nearly 80 million years. They managed to survive and grow in every imaginable place, except for Antarctica.

They are wild flowers that live on trees, rocks, in the ground, underground and in the last 300 years in our homes as well.

I don’t like them that much, but I got to admit, they are fascinating. I admire the way they succeeded to thrive without so called brain and body parts, and they did a fantastic job at procreating more than 25000 species.

Today, the orchid is a symbol of elegance, luxury and beauty and growing an orchid at home adds a touch of sophistication and chic.

Here are some fantastic orchid flower decor ideas I found:

using orchids for interior decorating
Image source:

spa decorating ideas


white orchid decor
Image source: francoiseweeks

Image source:


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