Life lesson – feeling rejected

Have you ever felt rejected? It is such a painful feeling. Yesterday my daughter (8 years old)  cried her eyes out  because she felt rejected by her friends.

“Nobody wants to play with me, nor sit next to me at the bus” she said.

It made her feel so sad to think she’s unwanted, and to be honest, it also broke my heart and after she fell asleep, I couldn’t stop crying.

This is what I told my daughter, you are special and loved, you are an amazing person and even if you feel that no body wants to be with you right now, it isn’t because of you, they just have a different agenda at the moment, don’t take it personally, be who you are and love yourself just the way you are.

For some reason this picture reminded me of being rejected, all the white flowers are grouped and the red one is standing alone, as if he’s not worthy.

But if you look closely at the picture, you could also see that the red is different and adds something extra to the scene, while the white ones are all the same, the red makes it interesting.

white and red gerbera

So for all those who felt rejected in some point of their lives, I send you a big hug and want to remind you that you are just like the red flower, beautiful and loved.



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