I’m Thankful About…

According to the Ayuverda( holistic color therapy), Thursday is the gratitude day, and is associated with the color yellow which stands for friendship and happiness.

Today I going to start a new weekly column, inspired by the Ayuverda, every Thursday I will be sharing one thing I’m thankful about.  I welcome you to join me and share what you are grateful about as well.

It is believed that when we are thankful about something, we drew more good things to your life, because we are focusing on the good instead of the bad, it increases our positive thinking and good feelings.  And eventually it contributes to our health and overall happiness.

white blossom

white blossom

Today I want to thank my eyes and the ability to see things especially the beauty of things, nature and the ones I love.

This cute little flower inspired me to thank my eyes. When I saw it this morning I felt that I took my eyes for granted, I never thought about those people who can’t see or losing their sight as we speak and that it is a blessing to be able to see the wonderful things around me.

What are you thankful about today?

Have a blossom day



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