Where There Are Flowers There is Hope

I live in Israel, in the fast few days we are being attack by missiles and bombs.

My home is relatively far from the war zone. But it is very terrifying, especially for the kids that don’t really understand what the argument all about is.

And to be honest, I don’t understand that either.

I live here all my life and I had been through three major wars.

The one I remember the most was when Saddam Hussein (former Iraqi leader) decided to throw missiles on Israel. I was 17 years old, in the middle of my final exams when he attacked.

The bombs landed near my home. I still remember the petrifying feeling of me sitting on the kitchen floor with a gas mask on my face, can’t breath, shivering all over my body.

It is a terrible way to grow. And now my kids are growing to the same reality.

The worst part is that there are other children and adults all over the world, who suffer from the same nightmares of war.

I’m not taking sides here, nor am I going into who is right and who is to blame. I think this is all stupid.

There are no winners here. Only dead people, sad adults and terrified children. So who is the winner? The arm dealers are.

I started this post with a saying “where there are flowers there is hope” because this situation reminded me of a surrealistic picture I once saw.

It was a picture of a horrible war zone and a single flower.

The scene was dead people and dark sadness, and opposed to this, stood a single flower that looked unreal, yet so very powerful. It looked like a tiny beam of light bringing hope.

I recalled this picture because maybe it is time for all of us to wake up and see the light. To embrace the light and make it grow bigger and stronger.

To stop all this useless fighting and enjoy what the world has to offer. It is time to smell the flowers and feel the joy they bring.

single pink flower

Have a peaceful week



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