The Power Of Colors

colorful field of wild flowers


Ever noticed how many flower colors are there?

It is incredible. There are flower colors in every imaginable hue and shade. But the most amazing fact is that flower colors can impact your life and wellbeing.

Let me explain.

One day a good friend of mine gave me a book about color therapy. This was an eye opener book.

I learnt that colors influence our feelings and mood in a subconscious level. This makes us react or do things in an impulsive way. Colors can make us nervous, hungry, relaxed or cheerful. And they can even influence our buying decisions.

For example, fast food packages are orange because orange can influence hunger. Chinese restaurants colored in red so that you will eat more and leave fast.

This confused me.

I thought I was in full control of my own feelings and reactions.

I was wrong.

So I asked myself, how can I be more proactive in my conscious choices as to what colors I want to be exposed to? How can I gain control on my own state of mind?

The first thing I did was to check my clothes and home décor colors. Maybe I can start from there.

It was daunting.

For years black was my “favorite” clothes color. I wasn’t ready to change my wardrobe just yet. And to remodel my entire house was too much expensive.

The book about color therapy suggested using flowers to add the color I need and want.

Since I love flowers, and they are easier to use then remodeling or changing my wardrobe, I decided to test this theory.

I was amazed!

I learned that flower colors influenced me in more ways than I imagined.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about my discoveries and the profound change it made in my life.

In the meantime, I invite you to look around you and try to sense the colors you are exposed to and how they make you feel. Share your thoughts and reactions in the box below.



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