Thankful Thursday

It’s time for thankful Thursday….

Orange gerbera

Orange gerbera represent communication

Today my gratitude goes to technology and the internet in particular.

It made my life easier in so many ways. I can communicate with ease with friends all over the world, order online, make appointments and mange my bank account without standing in line for hours.

I couldn’t imagine my life without it today.

When I was a child I participated in a pen-pal program. It was a great program where you could meet kids from all over the world and correspond with them by mail.  It used to take a month to get each mail.

Now think about our kids. How long does it take them to get a message from a friend across the globe? Seconds.

The ability to interact with friends and family in other places around the world is amazing. It makes our universe look so small and fun.

As a business owner, I appreciate even more the capability to interact with people all over the world.

So thank you internet and all the new technologies it brings. Thank you blogs, social media, websites and so many other online services.

What are you thankful about today?



A Penny For Your Thoughts

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