Floral Decor for Christmas

Captivating floral decor ideas to use this Christmas

Paperwhites & Cranberries by bhg.
Lovely decor combining two natural elements as well as Christmas colors, red cranberries and white flowers.

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece by Martha Stewart.

Elegant and dramatic centerpiece. The red Amaryllis adds a touch of sophistication to the white & silver tableware.

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece

Carnation Ball Centerpiece by country living

The carnation ball is such a cool centerpiece. It looks stunning and very professional, yet it is easy to make and very inexpensive. Click here for the how to make a carnation sphere instructions.

Carnation Ball Centerpiece

Carnation Ball Centerpiece


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