Vanity or Good Fortune?

I just finished writing an article about the narcissus in my website and I was wondering what you think about the flower?


I see the narcissus as a majestic flower with beautiful blossom and heavenly smell. In eastern culture it is considered to be a symbol of wealth and good fortune while western culture marked it as a symbol of vanity.

A Greek myth tells about a young man, named Narcissus who feel in love with himself and couldn’t stop looking at himself in the pool until he drowned.

It is a moral lesson not to fall in love with ourselves.

But how can we love and be open to receive love if we can’t love our-self?

How can we accept the other if we can’t accept whom we are?

How can we accept god’s gift of wealth and abundance, if we don’t like the person in the mirror?

I believe that the Narcissus is here to remind us that we need to find the beauty within us, to accept the way we are and be at peace with it. To smile to the person in the mirror and be grateful for whom we are.

This is the key to a happy and wealthy life.

What are your thoughts about the flower, is it vanity or showing us the way to a good fortune?


Have a blossom day




2 thoughts on “Vanity or Good Fortune?

  1. I love the greenish streak in these!
    Daffodils are lovely, especially the smaller, simpler varieties. The big stiff ones are a bit too stilted for my taste.
    As to the symbology: it’s a flower. I believe we should appreciate it’s beauty, enjoy the pleasure it gives us, and not burden it with human failings.

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