Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday already, and its time to be grateful.

Today I want to say big thank you for the pets in my life. Especially to my beloved dog who passed away last year.

I always had dogs, ever since I was a child.

They are such a fabulous companions and true friends. I admire their infinite love and loyalty. They accept me, for who I am no question asked, don’t care how I look and what I wear. They are always there ready to offer their cheerful presence and licks of love.


My beloved dog Pho

The dog in the picture was named pho, it looked like a bear when he was a puppy. We had him for 14 years and he was like a child to me.
Last year he got very sick and we had to let him go. It was very painful to say goodbye. When we come back home it felt so lonely, no dog is jumping on you, licking and drooling.

Even the garden looked sad. Pho used to be outside all the time, so suddenly all the flowers looked weary and gloomy.

After two painful weeks, we decided to adopt a new friend into our family, but we ended up with two dogs from the animal shelter.

Thank you amazing furry friend, life is so much more fun with you.

What’s your favorite pet?

Have a blossom day


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