Thankful Thursday


This is the first thankful Thursday of 2013, and I’m excited.

A new year has begun and I have so many things to be grateful about. This year I didn’t write a new list of resolutions nor do things I want to achieve. Instead I wrote a list of all the wonderful things that happened in my life the past year.

One thing I neglected to mention in my list is fun sunny day.

Sitting by the computer thinking what to write about today, I looked outside and saw my dogs happily napping in the sun. I went outside and was welcomed by a warm, cozy sun.

The Israeli winter is warm so unfortunately we rarely have snow. But luckily we have plenty of sunny days. Today is one of these days where I can take my laptop, sit outside and write.

I feel like a cat warming up in the sun.

So thank you sun, and sunny days. Thank you for the warmth, love and good feeling you bring.


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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