Thankful Thursday

Today thankful Thursday is dedicated to fruit trees.


Going to the supermarket buying all the tasty fruits is so easy. You just pick what you want from the shelf and go home to eat it.

But how did they get there, to the supermarket?

I never thought how much time and effort every tree puts in producing all those wonderful juicy fruits my family enjoys.

I have some fruit trees in my garden so I followed their growth. And I have to say that I admire their willingness to produce more and more fruits every year.

It takes months for each fruit to be ready for eating. It starts with a tiny flower, that turn into tiny fruit that grows and grows until it reaches its full ripeness.

It looks like a very hard job to do, to yield all these fruits for us to eat.

So I want to say thank you to all the fruit trees for the wonderful fruits they give us, and for the hard job and energy they spend in producing them.

What are you grateful about today?


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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