Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday and it’s time to be grateful.


Being part of the community yet unique

Today I want to say BIG thank you for each and every person in my spiritual and personal growth community.
For years I was wondering what is my life mission, who am I and what is my place in the world. This community allowed me to move beyond my fears and troubling thoughts and be able to see myself for who I am and discover my life purpose.

The community was established by the amazing Nitsa Yaniv, my mentor, who accepted me for who I’m. No judgment or criticism.
Together, with the community members, she created a warm place where we all can express our most intimate thoughts, scream, shout, cry or just be grateful and share stories from our life.

I couldn’t be grateful enough for this community and the difference it made in my life. Thanks to its members I never feel alone, I don’t think that my problems are mine alone; I can help others and be helped.

Being part of something bigger as an equal member yet having my own unique voice, gives a tremendous amount of courage and motivation to excel in life and live it to its fullest.

What are you thankful about today?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. true indeed, you have your own unique voice, and it`s beautiful!
    it`s a pleasure to hear your thoughts and to read your posts… thanks for all the beautiful pictures you share with us!

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