In Their Memory

Today is the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day.

I want to dedicate this post for all my family members who were killed by the Natzi and all the innocent souls who were murdered just because they were different.


This white buttercup is a reminder that the good will always prevail and we will never forget those who were killed. But we have to learn to forgive and accept the different. No more hatred and killing.

Hatred is what allowed this monstrosity to happen.

Hatred is what motivated and fuelled the killing of 1 million children and 5 million adults who their only crime was being Jews.

Hatred is what gave humans permission to kill other human beings just like them, made of flesh and blood, heart and soul.

Hatred creates a hole in your soul and allows the darkness to enter, consuming every good part of you, taking you on a road with no redemption.

Don’t ever let hatred blind you.





A Penny For Your Thoughts

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