Thankful Thursday

Today thankful Thursday goes to smiles.

pink ranunculus asiaticus

Did you know how powerful a smile is?

It has a miraculous ability to heal you, make you feel good and relive stress.

Today I met a friend of mine in the parking lot, she was driving her car and when she saw me she happily smiled at me. This got me thinking. Smiling seems as a simple reaction of your body, but in fact it is very powerful mechanism that contributes to your health and wellbeing.

When you smile your brain releases endorphin that is a “feel good” natural chemical, it travels down your body allowing it to lower heart rate and relieve stress levels.

And the best part is, when someone smiles at you, you are more than happy to return a smile.

Smiling is cheap, it doesn’t cost you a thing, but it can do wonders.

Pay attention to all the people around you, most of them forgot how to smile. They rarely use this amazing gift.

Well, it is time to bring the smiles back.

So thank you smile, and thank you smiling people. You make the world a cheerful place.


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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