Thursday Color – Yellow

According to the Ayurveda (holistic medicine concept from India) every day of the week has a corresponding color that if you use this color, it may bring harmony and balance to your life and good luck for that day.

Thursday color is yellow and it is best suited for thanking our guides, teachers, mentors and all the great people around us who teach us valuable lessons in life.

To make the most of your day, they recommend you use the color yellow in your life, in flowers, clothes and even food.
Since I’m more of a flower kind of a girl, here are my yellow flowers to thank all the wonderful people around me who teach me something new each and every day.

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Happy Daisy

This is a huge daisies arrangement’s I saw in a hotel lobby. I was so fascinated by it that naturally I had to take pictures of the cute little daisies.

There is something cheerful and playful in a daisy. It looks like a toddler playing in the park in a sunny afternoon, enjoying  himself and everything around him.

I hope you’ll enjoy this pictures because I forgot my camera at home and I took the pictures with my ancient cell phone.

daisy floral arrangement

red daisy

red and golden daisy

gold and crimson daisy

daisy floral arrangement

Cute Little Daises

A few days ago I went with my mother and my two little girls to a near by coffee shop. Outside they had these adorable daises which I had to take pictures of. If you look closely at the first picture you can see small insects eating from the flower’s nectar.

white daises

white and yellow daises