Thankful Thursday

Its thankful Thursday….

Today thank you goes to Chinese Emperor Shen Nong for inventing the tea.

Sage leaves great for making tea

Sage leaves great for making tea

Can you imagine our life without tea? It’s impossible.

Hot tea is a wonderful beverage to warm you at winter. Cold tea is perfect for hot summer days. Not to mention it’s many health benefits.

The Emperor Shen Nong invented the tea by accident at around 2737 B.C. He believed that drinking boiled water is good for the health, so his servants always boiled his water. One day dried leaves from a nearby camellia bush fell into the boiling water, creating by accident the first tea ever.

The emperor declared that the tea is healthy and refreshing and thus planted the roots for the thriving tea industry.

Thank you Emperor Shen Nong , and thank you nature for providing the amazing plants and flowers for making tea.

What are you thankful about today?

Have a blossom day


The Miracle of Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is an amazing all purpose plant. It can heal wounds, bruises, sun burns, mosquito bites and many other skin conditions. I use it all the time at home.

To use the fresh aloe vera gel, you need to cut a leaf, open it and squeeze the juice.  It can do wonders.

This year, my aloe vera plant finally flourished with nice red orange flowers that looks like flame.


Apparently aloe vera flowers bloom only when the plant reach maturity, get a lot of sun and love :).

Have a blossom day