The Inspiration of Purple

Purple flowers connects us to the divine. To our higher self allowing to look inside and find inspiration and answers to what is bothering us.



Heavenly Creatures

These star like flowers looks like heavenly creatures that come down to earth.

purple pricallis

The Enigmatic Purple

Purple flowers are great for meditation and help you see things from a higher perspective.
The purple color is a combination of red and blue. Warm and cold colors that create oneness.

In ancient times only high priest, very rich people and the royal family wear purple garments. It was believed to be a spiritual color that connects one to his higher self.


When Nature Meets Beauty

When nature meets beauty, a flower  is born. A stunning piece of art that spreads joy, love and tenderness.

purple star flower


Purple Day

Today was one of those strange days that the universe tried to tell me something.

As an avid photographer I take pictures of flowers that draw my attention everywhere I go. Today, I took some very nice shoots, and when I come back home I noticed that all the pictures I took were of purple flowers.

Purple flowers are extraordinary. The purple color is associated with spiritual connection, development, love and wisdom, it is the color of meditation, purpose and prayer.

Now I need to figure out what is it that the universe try to tell me.


purple-viola by

wisteria by