Yellow Rose Like A Beam Of Light

Yellow roses got a bad reputation for nothing. According to the victorian language of flowers they stand for envy and dying relationships.
Looking at a yellow rose I can’t stop wondering how such a marvelous flower got it’s reputation.
Because, whenever I bring yellow roses home, I feel like the room is light up with a warm, cheerful energy.



Happy Valentines Day

This red rose just blossomed in my garden ready for Valentines Dayvalentines red rose

Sexy Valentines Day Flowers

Red roses make us feel sexy and loved. Here’s a wonderful combination of red roses with extra touch of feathers. Isn’t it a great Valentines day bouquet?

The design is made by an Israeli designer, you can visit her site and learn how she formed this bouquet. (just do a google translate and you’ll be fine).

valentines day bouquet

Roses in Belgium

I have a good friend who lives in Brussels. Last week she visited this amazing international rose garden of Coloma with more than 3000 roses. She was so excited that she wanted to share this beauty with me. Here are some of her gorgeous pictures, I can only imagine the sensational smell in the garden 🙂

Red Flowers to Boost Your Energy

Red flowers represents passion and energy. But it is also the color of anger, so you’ll need to choose carefully. Use red flowers if you feel a bit down and you need a boost to motivate and provide you with roses

The Sacred Rose

The rose, was sacred to Dionysus, the Greek god of revelry, but also to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. In ancient times, the rose was a symbol of joy; later, a symbol of secrecy and silence; while today, the rose is most often associated with love and romance.