The Power Of The Sunflower

Here’s an amazing fact about sunflowers I discovered today…

In Japan, sunflowers were grown in Fukushima nuclear disaster area to decontaminate the radioactive soil. They known to have a cleansing affect on soil and are believed to extract toxic ingredients such as lead, arsenic, and uranium.

This is unbelievable; nature gives us the chance to amend even the most horrific things that happened.

The sunflower gives hope, warmth and happiness in dark gloomy places and also cleanses the earth from radioactive materials. I think this is genius



The Sunny Sunflower

There is one stunning flower that stands the summer hit and it’s the sunflower. It  is a bright flower that makes you smile and happy whenever you look at it. Sunflowers are strong and confident and they are Leo sign’s birth flowers (which happens to be my flower…wink wink).

If you ever saw a sunflower field, you must have noticed that the sunflower’s head is tilting wherever the sun is. It’s an amazing phenomena and quite enchanting to watch how the stand still flower moves it’s head from side to side.

I gathered some sunflowers pictures, some are from the floriade show and some are from sunflowers bouquet i had at home. Enjoy.

This is a green head sunflower from the Japanese both at the Floriade


Lovely sunflower image



Sun flower close bud, it looks like some kind of Carnivorous plant.

closed sunflower


Sunflower closeup