The Wonders of Hibiscus

Recently I’ve started to drink hibiscus flowers tea.

It is such a delightful tea with lots of health benefits such as supporting blood pressure, heart health, and encourage fluid balance.

From what I’ve experienced it is a great tea to cleanse your body and give it an energy boost.

red hibiscus




Three’s Company

These three gorgeous flowers reside in the same pond…they reminded me of the funny sitcom “three’s company” from the 70’s.




The Surprising Devil’s Ivy

devil's ivy

I have Devil’s Ivy for years. It is one of those plants that keep on growing no matter what. It is so resilient that I have it for almost 18 years and it still grows. It uses very little water and it always green.

For a house plant to live so long it is quite an achievement for me. But what is more amazing, is the fact that it is one of the best house plants that efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene.

A study conducted by NASA to examine natural ways to clear the air in space stations from toxins, discovered that some house plants and potted flowers are very useful at filtering the air. One of these plants is Devil’s Ivy.

Another amazing fact about this plant is that in tropical environment it can grow to be HUGE: (See my hand compared to the leaf?)

giant devil's ivy

Peach Or Red

Hibiscus fun fact….One hibiscus bush may have at the same time a variation of blooms differ in shape and color. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

Here are two flowers from the same bush. At first I thought they were different bushes planted next to each other, but no, it’s the same hibiscus bush with different flower colors.

Double red  hibiscus flower


Double peach hibiscus flower

Giant Bird of Paradise

A Few days ago my family and I were visiting a beautiful town called Rosh Pinna. The old center of town was build 120 years ago and was kept as beautiful as it was by preservation and renovation.

When I walked the old streets I felt like I was taken back in time when there were no cars, phones or TV. It’s like time has frozen.

But then I noticed a ruined house, which brought my thoughts back from the past to the present day. In front of that home, we saw this amazing bloom. It may look like a giant artichoke, but in fact it is the bloom of a White Bird of Paradise tree.

Strelitzia reginae

The white bird of paradise also called giant bird of paradise as it supposed to look like a big banana or palm tree. But the tree we saw was small and almost dead, just like the house behind it. The giant leaves, once were green, turned black and the tree trunk looked wrinkled.

However the bloom was the absolute opposite.
I never saw a bloom like it before, it gave me the feeling as if the tree fights back nature and age and don’t give up and it will do anything to grow and be the giant tree it deserves to be.
Just like the town spends money and affords to renovate the old city and make it attractive, the tree gives it all to grow back and enjoy its glories days.

The Tropical Plumeria

One day, while walking my dog, I spotted this little tree growing in my neighborhood. It is so small you could hardly notice it, but the white and yellow spectacular flowers drew my attention.

As I later learned, this is the Plumeria, a tropical tree growing in Hawaii. Many years ago when my husband and I visitedHawaii, we received at the airport a welcome garland made of these lovely flowers.

According to wikpedia, in some Asian cultures the Plumeria is believed to provide shelter to ghosts and demons and it’s scents meant to attract vampires.

Plumeria tree and flowers

Plumeria tropical tree and flowers


Plumeria tropical tree and flowers