Mature Love and Perfection


Red tulip is a symbol of mature love and perfection.
It opens up like
a sweet, warm kiss.
Their cup like bloom signifies
they are open to accept you for who you are.
And it spreads a joyful, loving energy.
Just the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Hiding behind Thorns

These gorgeous tulips concealed themselves behind a fence of thorns. I spotted them by accident when one of the tulips raised his head to the sun and peeked outside the fence.

The fence was just a thorny bush that the tulips used as a barrier from all the noisy people who come to look for them and observe their beauty.

They reminded me of human behavior.

There are times in life when we just want to disappear, that no one will touch us or pay attention to us. We retreat to our inner world and like to be away from the crowd.

So I respected the tulips wish to be kept away from the crowed. I just took some pictures from distance and left, never to bother them again.


tulip tulip by wild-tulips

Tulip Mania

 I love tulips, they so cute and colorful. This is a picture I took at the Haifa flower show, the thing is the picture didn’t get right, it’s kind of blurry so I played with picnik and created this artistic looks. Now it looks like I pained it 🙂