Tiny Little Flowers

These tiny white flowers looks like they are growing on caterpillars.

It is so tiny that I didn’t even noticed it, until my youngest daughter called me to see this strange plant growing outside our house.



Closer look…




Just Blue

blue flower

blue star flower

cichorium endivia

Stunning Succulent Blooms

carpobrotus acinaciformis Carpobrotus quadrifidus colorful succulent bloom

Morning Findings

JATROPHA-INTEGERIMMA pink evening primrose

Like a Vintage Pendent

This beautiful wild flower looks like a vintage pendent of a royal family.

white wild flower

Desert Beauty

I found this beauty while hiking in the desert. It appeared out of nowhere, like an enchanted creature having fun in the warm desert sun.

The flower called capparis spinosa (aka caper), the buds are used for garnishing and seasoning food.

capparis spinosa