Sunny Sunday

yellow flowers


Have a Bright and Sunny Day

Scolymus maculatus

Bright and Sunny Day


A bright and sunny flower for a bright and sunny day.
Even if it is cold outside, this flower is to make you warm inside.

The yellow chrysanthemum reminds me of the sun warmth and radiant happiness.
I send it to you to wish you a wonderful cozy day, cheerful and fun.

Thankful Thursday

Yeah! It is Thursday already.

How time flies. You just blink and the week is over, two blinks and a year is gone by.

To make my time worthwhile, and enjoy every moment of it, I found that being grateful about something put things in a different perspective.

Instead of me doing the same boring stuff day in and day out, saying thank you to the world for something amazing that happened to me that week, is like participating in a thrilling adventure.

It makes me smile and gives me energy to go out and find the next thing I want to be thankful about, it allow me to look at people in a different light and appreciate various situations in life.

This week thank you goes to my local flower grower.

His name is Hezi and he grows amazing flowers, and only for that, he deserves a big thank you. It is a hard work and he needs to face many challenges like seasonal effects and insects.

But this is not the story I want to tell you.

The reason I want to say thank you to him, is because every time I buy flowers, he gives me extra free ones (and I mean bunches of them), just to make my weekend pretty. So THANK YOU Hezi for being so generous and friendly.

He gave me these lovely sunflowers last week  when I told him that my mother in low is coming to visit, so he thought I might be needing something to cheer me up 🙂


What are you grateful about today? Share your inspiring story with me.




Thursday Color – Yellow

According to the Ayurveda (holistic medicine concept from India) every day of the week has a corresponding color that if you use this color, it may bring harmony and balance to your life and good luck for that day.

Thursday color is yellow and it is best suited for thanking our guides, teachers, mentors and all the great people around us who teach us valuable lessons in life.

To make the most of your day, they recommend you use the color yellow in your life, in flowers, clothes and even food.
Since I’m more of a flower kind of a girl, here are my yellow flowers to thank all the wonderful people around me who teach me something new each and every day.

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