Floral Evolution

First there was the carnation…


One day a flower grower found that his carnations didn’t developed as expected and a new type was born…The green ball (or the green trick)


After a while, the green ball produced flowers….now called sweet Williams


I wonder what’s next ūüôā


Merry Christmas


Carnations are  Christmas zodiac sign flower. Although they have a bad refutation of cheap and easy to find, they are in fact sweet delicate flowers; represent unconditional love, warmth and tenderness.

So happy Christmas my dear readers. Have a warm, fun and enjoyable holiday with all the people you love.

Open your heart to accept their gift of unconditional love and be willing to give it back.

Merry Christmas



Is It A Cake Or Unbelievable Floral Arrangement?

A while ago I visited the flower show in Haifa, Israel. The most amazing display was these yummy looking flower cakes:

carnations flower arrangement

carnations flower arrangement

cute floral cakes
Cake shapes flower arrangements

bakery display made from flowers
Flower bakery

floral wedding cake
Floral wedding cake

colorful flowers cake
Colorful flowers cake