Enchanting Breakfast

Today, me and my husband, ate in an enchanting restaurant that looks like an old castle surrounded by beautiful gardens. The amazing thing is that it is built in an old farm house that was beautifully transformed into an enchanting restaurant were you are treated like a royal guest.

What drew my attention the most, were the flower bouquet all over the place. Not many restaurants pay that much attention to flowers and the atmosphere they want to create by using the right flower colors.

On the tables they put purple flowers to create a royal, yet romantic atmosphere.

 purple flowers bouqet

In public places, they placed yellow and green flower bouquet to welcome the guests with a warm smile and make us feel comfortable and lighthearted.

 yellow flowers bouquet

Even in the toilets they placed flowers, yellow and pink roses, to give that welcoming, personal touch of love to their guests and the aromatic presence of a rose. I didn’t take photos inside the restrooms, but you get the picture:)

The outside gardens:

purple garden flowers

water element in the garden

Have a wonderful weekend



The Power of Monochromatic Floral Design

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very talented florist that specializes in monochromatic floral design,  Michael George. His arrangements look so simple and refreshing yet aesthetic and elegant.

I liked the idea of one color and one flower type, it has a calming effect. It’s like you don’t need to rush anywhere, just be, here and now. There is no competition on your attention and you can focus on one thing only.

To be honest, I can’t remember when the last time I could focus on one thing only was. Life is so hectic, you always on the move and always need to do or think on so many things in the same time. Maybe this is why I found these floral designs so inspiring and soothing.

Have a blossom day,


Fun DIY Floral Arrangement

If you love to decorate your home with flowers for the weekend, here’s a beautiful and very easy to do flower arrangement by design spong. You will find the step by step instructions here.

diy project teapot flower arrangement

fun DIY floral arrangement

End of Summer Floral Decor

I love the color combination. The turquoise glass adds a serene feeling, combined with the vibrant orange yellow flowers creates an elevating and festive design, great for decorating end of summer party.

flowers design and turquoise art glass

This design is from the flower magazine with a step by step instructions on how to do it.

Happy Daisy

This is a huge daisies arrangement’s I saw in a hotel lobby. I was so fascinated by it that naturally I had to take pictures of the cute little daisies.

There is something cheerful and playful in a daisy. It looks like a toddler playing in the park in a sunny afternoon, enjoying  himself and everything around him.

I hope you’ll enjoy this pictures because I forgot my camera at home and I took the pictures with my ancient cell phone.

daisy floral arrangement

red daisy

red and golden daisy

gold and crimson daisy

daisy floral arrangement