When you enter a hotel you are custom to see a big flower bouquet decorating the entrance table. This breathtaking design gives a new look that challenge the norms and provide a fresh perspective to the traditional flower arrangements.

The photo was taken by the flower school NY while visiting in France.

A fresh perspective to the traditional flower arrangements


One Million Flowers Decor

You have to see to believe…one million flowers used in order to create a once in a life time experience at the Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2012…AMAZING!

Floral Decor for Christmas

Captivating floral decor ideas to use this Christmas

Paperwhites & Cranberries by bhg.
Lovely decor combining two natural elements as well as Christmas colors, red cranberries and white flowers.

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece by Martha Stewart.

Elegant and dramatic centerpiece. The red Amaryllis adds a touch of sophistication to the white & silver tableware.

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece

Carnation Ball Centerpiece by country living

The carnation ball is such a cool centerpiece. It looks stunning and very professional, yet it is easy to make and very inexpensive. Click here for the how to make a carnation sphere instructions.

Carnation Ball Centerpiece

Carnation Ball Centerpiece

The Power of Monochromatic Floral Design

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very talented florist that specializes in monochromatic floral design,  Michael George. His arrangements look so simple and refreshing yet aesthetic and elegant.

I liked the idea of one color and one flower type, it has a calming effect. It’s like you don’t need to rush anywhere, just be, here and now. There is no competition on your attention and you can focus on one thing only.

To be honest, I can’t remember when the last time I could focus on one thing only was. Life is so hectic, you always on the move and always need to do or think on so many things in the same time. Maybe this is why I found these floral designs so inspiring and soothing.

Have a blossom day,