Floral Decor for Christmas

Captivating floral decor ideas to use this Christmas

Paperwhites & Cranberries by bhg.
Lovely decor combining two natural elements as well as Christmas colors, red cranberries and white flowers.

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Paperwhites & Cranberries

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece by Martha Stewart.

Elegant and dramatic centerpiece. The red Amaryllis adds a touch of sophistication to the white & silver tableware.

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece

Amaryllis Candle Centerpiece

Carnation Ball Centerpiece by country living

The carnation ball is such a cool centerpiece. It looks stunning and very professional, yet it is easy to make and very inexpensive. Click here for the how to make a carnation sphere instructions.

Carnation Ball Centerpiece

Carnation Ball Centerpiece


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody!

Bewitching Affair
Image source: Bewitching Affair by flower factor

Flowers or Real Dogs?

Few days ago I got this amazing picture of dogs made of flowers. They look just like the real thing.I don’t know who made them, but they are very talented. (Sorry for not acknowledging the talented artist.)

Inspiring Pumpkin Vases

Halloween is fast approaching, I gathered some cool and inspiring floral arrangements you can use to decorate your house:

Easy to do floral arrangement in a pumpkin. Click here for full instructions by samantha562.

Floral Arrangement in a Pumpkin

White pumpkin decor. Looks very elegant and festive, by chatelaine.

Pumpkin decorating


The one and only, Martha Stewart. Lovely pumpkin vase. For full instructions click here.

Pumpkin Flower Vase


Fun DIY Floral Arrangement

If you love to decorate your home with flowers for the weekend, here’s a beautiful and very easy to do flower arrangement by design spong. You will find the step by step instructions here.

diy project teapot flower arrangement

fun DIY floral arrangement

The Beauty of The Imperfect

There is a Jewish tradition to buy for the holidays (Jewish holiday of Sukkot) the 7 species of Israel. One of these species is citron that is a type of a lemon.

In order to be qualified for selling, the citron has to be perfect, and I mean flawless and impeccable.  The buyer checks the citron so carefully as if he’s buying a diamond ring to his fiancée.  To protect it from harm, it is wrapped in a silky flax fiber and stored in a special box like a breakable china doll.

 Along with the perfect citrons, growing on the tree mutant citrons, that don’t look like a lemon rather they look like a weird squid.

 These mutants are being ignored and tossed away because they are not perfect.

But as you can see in the pictures below, there is no such thing as ugly or imperfect, Mother Nature creates only beautiful and unique things.

citron flower decor

I took these pictures at a table décor workshop I participated the other day, and the lady who demonstrated, showed us amazing center pieces designs using the mutant citrons.

citron floral arrangement

 I was impressed by her creativity, and it made me think, how easy is to focus on the perfect ones and toss away the different and flawed.  It takes imagination to see beauty in things that are unique and different.

Just take a look and see how beautiful the citrons are in these floral arrangements, they look like a special coral or exotic fruit. They add something new to this world by being different.

Tribute to The Oldest Flower on Earth

Orchids are cultivating this plant for nearly 80 million years. They managed to survive and grow in every imaginable place, except for Antarctica.

They are wild flowers that live on trees, rocks, in the ground, underground and in the last 300 years in our homes as well.

I don’t like them that much, but I got to admit, they are fascinating. I admire the way they succeeded to thrive without so called brain and body parts, and they did a fantastic job at procreating more than 25000 species.

Today, the orchid is a symbol of elegance, luxury and beauty and growing an orchid at home adds a touch of sophistication and chic.

Here are some fantastic orchid flower decor ideas I found:

using orchids for interior decorating
Image source: shelterness.com

spa decorating ideas

Image source:allhomedecors.com

white orchid decor
Image source: francoiseweeks

Image source: bios.weddingbee.com