Pink and Purple Table Decor

On Wednesday we will be celebrating the Jewish new year. Here is a stylish table decor I saw the other day in the mall designed by a local stylist Iris Mossayoff:


Flowers cake, made from dried lavenders and roses.


Incorporating apples in the design.


Dried roses arrangement , pink, lavender and red



Cute pink lisianthus and lavender fabric flowers balls



The design



Thankful Thursday


Today, Thankful Thursday is dedicated to LOVE.

It is Valentine’s day and love is in the air. So I want to wish you a magical day, full of laughter, smiles, kisses and love.

I can’t be grateful enough for love.

This is the basis of all living creatures; this is who we are and what we are.

Love brought us to this world, and love makes us grow and flourish.

Love is everything we do with fun.

Love is our family, spouse, and children.

Love is me and you.

How sad the world would be without love?

Today is Valentines, the official day of love, but we can celebrate it every day. We can feel the love, give love, and act upon it every single day of our lives.

Thank you love for being a part of my universe.

What are your thoughts about love?

Have a blossom day

Merry Christmas


Carnations are  Christmas zodiac sign flower. Although they have a bad refutation of cheap and easy to find, they are in fact sweet delicate flowers; represent unconditional love, warmth and tenderness.

So happy Christmas my dear readers. Have a warm, fun and enjoyable holiday with all the people you love.

Open your heart to accept their gift of unconditional love and be willing to give it back.

Merry Christmas