Flowers To Your Soul

flowers to your soul

Mother Nature gave us a gift…the gift of flowers. All we have to do is accept this precious present and bring more flowers into our life so we can benefit from their powers and healing properties.

Discover how to use flower’s full potential as natural healers and happiness boosters in my book: Flowers The Secret Key to YOUR Well Being


Being in the Right Place at The Right Time

purple basil

I have this basil for some time.
According to the florist it should grow in the sun.
So I paced it in the sun. But it started to fade away.

I moved it to the shade. And again, no luck.
I kept moving it form one place to another in my garden.
Trying to understand what is best for it to bloom.

Finally I gave up.
I place it in my balcony, away from the other plants just to wait for it to die.

The basil bloomed within a day.
He got it’s green leaves back and flourished with stunning flowers.

I was so proud of myself 🙂

This story got me thinking about being in the right place at the right time.
How many times we feel disappointed with things we didn’t accomplish.

But maybe if we just take a step back and take a good look
We’ll see it is not the right place for them or the right time.

Maybe the right time will come later, and things will go easier.
Or maybe the right place isn’t here and we need to keep moving, to find that right place, instead of insisting on making it work.

Have a great week.

Maybe it is time to change your favorite flower?


Maybe it is time to change your favorite flower?

Having a favorite flower is great, but maybe in a deep level it is just our way to ignore changes and keep stagnant, in the same place?


Read my latest article about why you should consider changing your favorite flower

When The Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

I’m a big believer in the sentence “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. It means whenever you have a dilemma or question, you can ask the universe for guidance, the right answer will reveal itself to you. You just have to pay attention and be ready to see the answer.

Today, I got another reaffirmation as for the truth of this wisdom.

In the past few weeks I been doing a lot of soul searching about my life purpose,  and how to transform my passion into income.  Today, I browsed my collection of flower pictures  and came across this lovely crocus that caught my attention.


It had something unique in the way it opened up. As if it has some kind of a message.

Using the book flower therapy by Doreen Virtue, I discovered that the crocus energy enhances spiritual abilities and motivate to spread ones knowledge and wisdom with others. It gives confidence and courage to fulfill ones spiritual life purpose and overcome fear. It sends the message that you have everything you need to begin making a real difference in the lives of others.

The universe has send me an amazing message!


If you have a dilemma that been bothering you for some time, try asking the universe for guidance, see what will come up.


Flowers the Secret Key to Your Well Being


As promised…I’m going to tell you more about my latest book, “Flowers the Secret Key to Your Well Being”.

I want to take you back in time for a moment, a year or so. This is when I decided to start a fun blog about my passion, which happen to be flowers.

I wanted to share flower pictures and stories and that’s about it. But the more I spent time taking their pictures and learning about them, the more I felt there is something very powerful in these beauties.

I just couldn’t tell what it is.

I knew flowers make people happy, and that was just about it. But as I later discovered it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Moving forward in time. Few months ago I participated in a conference and met a nice lady who was very interested in flowers. She wanted to understand what is so magical and unique about them.

“You get them for birthdays and bring them home from time to time, especially when you celebrate some event, they make your house pretty and that is it.” She said.

Her words triggered something in me, and without even realizing it, I gave her a big speech on how flowers energy influence her entire body, how their color, smell, shape and even touch can heal. How flowers can restore her body back to balance and contribute to her improved health. How flowers can inspire her and help her be more creative and relaxed.

She looked at me impressed. I was in shock.

Suddenly I understood flower’s role in our life. I understood their powerful abilities and deep influence on us. I felt as if I’m holding a secret key to mankind improved wellbeing.

I started to research about flowers healing powers, about energy, about the human body. I learned about quantum physics, cell growth, emotions, good vibes and positive thinking.

I wrote notes to myself, that later became this book: “Flowers the Secret Key to Your Well Being”. I felt it is a knowledge I must share, so that you and your family could benefit from this miracle.

Flowers influence our body and health in more ways than you could imagine. This book aims to introduce you to the unbelievable healing powers of flowers and encourage you to use flowers on a regular basis. Not just in birthdays and special celebrations.

If this got you curious and you would like to learn more about flower’s magical powers and their influence on you, tomorrow I will give you a link to a free download of the book. (I’m waiting for amazon’s final approval).

Till tomorrow,


Listen to Your Heart

Always listen to your heart.


We often forget to pay attention to what we really want, and desire.
We tend to ignore our passion and enthusiasm.

We think of what others might say about us
so we don’t allow our self to be who we truly are.

It is time you’ll know that you are wonderful and exquisite, just like a flower.
It is time for you to believe in yourself, see the beauty within you.

Stop your hectic race and listen to your heart.
It always know what is best for you.


“God’s dream is that you and I and all of us will realize that we are family, that we are made for togetherness, for goodness, and for compassion” / Desmond Tutu

dual red flowers