Fuchsia and Green

I love this color combination. The green is the color of abundance and growth and fuchsia is the color of happiness and fun.

fuchsia color flowers


Being in the Right Place at The Right Time

purple basil

I have this basil for some time.
According to the florist it should grow in the sun.
So I paced it in the sun. But it started to fade away.

I moved it to the shade. And again, no luck.
I kept moving it form one place to another in my garden.
Trying to understand what is best for it to bloom.

Finally I gave up.
I place it in my balcony, away from the other plants just to wait for it to die.

The basil bloomed within a day.
He got it’s green leaves back and flourished with stunning flowers.

I was so proud of myself 🙂

This story got me thinking about being in the right place at the right time.
How many times we feel disappointed with things we didn’t accomplish.

But maybe if we just take a step back and take a good look
We’ll see it is not the right place for them or the right time.

Maybe the right time will come later, and things will go easier.
Or maybe the right place isn’t here and we need to keep moving, to find that right place, instead of insisting on making it work.

Have a great week.

The Magical World of Mushrooms

fungi on a tree

I took this picture almost 20 years ago while visiting Olympic National Park, Washington, USA. The fungi fascinated me. When I returned home I enlarged this picture and hang it on the wall.

Few days ago the picture draw my attention.

Looking at the fungi I thought to myself what on earth was I thinking hanging this kind of picture at home. Fungus has such a bad refutation of being of parasite, this is not the message I want to have at home.

But something stopped me from taking it off.

That same day I saw on my grass 2 big mushrooms. The surprising thing was that it still hadn’t rain so where did they come from?

The other day I saw a TV show called the plant kingdom…and again, mushrooms all over.To top it all, this week was the national mushroom day in England.

Oh my god…mushrooms all over.

It got me curious and I had to find out what’s the deal with mushrooms. My findings surprised me very much. You are welcome to read all about it in my latest post: Fungi – Not What You Expected

Tiny Little Flowers

These tiny white flowers looks like they are growing on caterpillars.

It is so tiny that I didn’t even noticed it, until my youngest daughter called me to see this strange plant growing outside our house.



Closer look…



Beautiful As Is

When I saw this vivid geranium I thought it is so beautiful. Looking closely, I noticed that it is not a perfect bloom, but this what made it so unique and eye catching.

The flower got me thinking how we always try to be perfect. We want the perfect body, perfect nose, perfect husband, to be perfect at school, perfect mom….but what if the most beautiful things are imperfect?

Why we need to work so hard to be something that we are not?

red geranium