Happy Valentines Day

This red rose just blossomed in my garden ready for Valentines Dayvalentines red rose


New Beginning

red rose

Red Flowers to Boost Your Energy

Red flowers represents passion and energy. But it is also the color of anger, so you’ll need to choose carefully. Use red flowers if you feel a bit down and you need a boost to motivate and provide you with energy.red roses

The Sacred Rose

The rose, was sacred to Dionysus, the Greek god of revelry, but also to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. In ancient times, the rose was a symbol of joy; later, a symbol of secrecy and silence; while today, the rose is most often associated with love and romance.


Good Morning 2013

My rose bush decided to surprise me for the new year and show me it’s full glory.



single-red-rose on a bush

Happy new year everyone, may your life and garden will blossom just like my rose bush.

The Passionate Red Flower

Red flowers are associated with lust and sexual energy. It’s been said that when Cleopatra prepared a romantic dinner for Marcus Antonius a Roman politician and general, she had the floor covered with red roses eighteen inches deep. (An idea for this weekend…wink wink).

single red rose


The Dancing Rose

When I saw these stunning roses I had to take some pictures.

This picture is called the dancing rose. The rose looks like it has a ballerina skirt and it is in the middle of a dance.

dancing red rose

Can you see the tiny aunt walking on the rose petal?

red rose close up

Extreme close up, you can almost see the inside of the rose. It looks like a a baby in the womb.

inside a red rose