Yellow Rose Like A Beam Of Light

Yellow roses got a bad reputation for nothing. According to the victorian language of flowers they stand for envy and dying relationships.
Looking at a yellow rose I can’t stop wondering how such a marvelous flower got it’s reputation.
Because, whenever I bring yellow roses home, I feel like the room is light up with a warm, cheerful energy.



Happy Valentines Day

This red rose just blossomed in my garden ready for Valentines Dayvalentines red rose

Roses in Belgium

I have a good friend who lives in Brussels. Last week she visited this amazing international rose garden of Coloma with more than 3000 roses. She was so excited that she wanted to share this beauty with me. Here are some of her gorgeous pictures, I can only imagine the sensational smell in the garden 🙂

The Sacred Rose

The rose, was sacred to Dionysus, the Greek god of revelry, but also to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. In ancient times, the rose was a symbol of joy; later, a symbol of secrecy and silence; while today, the rose is most often associated with love and romance.


Thankful Thursday

Today’s thankful Thursday goes to good friends.

pink pastel rose

  • A good friend is measured by his loving heart and his comfy shoulders.
  • A loving heart that always love you no matter what, even if you argue or having a bad hair day, he / she will always love you.
  • Comfy shoulders to cry on and help you when you are in need.
  • Good friend is someone who is really interested in your answer when he /she ask you what’s up?
  • Good friend is there to give you a hand, but can also give you a push (to the right direction).
  • Good friend will always tell you the truth even if you don’t really want to hear it.

You might have met your good friend in kindergarten or along the way, you can be married to your good friend or just have met him / her in evening class.

No matter if it is a man or woman, good friends are rare commodity and I’m grateful for my good friends who are part of my life, and those who were once part of them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys!

What are you grateful about today?

The Beauty of a Rose

“A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.” / Chinese Proverbs

purple rose

Basking In The Sun

I saw these lovely pink roses this morning, basking in the warm sun smiling to the world. They made me smile too. 🙂

pink roses