Flower in Your Hair

When I was a child, I loved wearing flowers in my hair. To pick wild flowers from the field and put them in my hair. It seemed like the most natural thing to do.

The last time I put flowers in my hair was in my wedding. Today for some reason it looks stupid and embarrassing thing to do.

If you come to think of it, through all mankind history, woman adorned their heads with flowers to feel sexy and beautiful. Leaders adorned their heads with floral tiaras to feel mighty and powerful.

Flowers make us feel that everything is possible…

If you would wear a flower in your hair today, what flower would that be?

I would wear a purplish (or pinkish) lily, it looks like a sexy and sophisticated flower.



Purple Beauty

“Butterflies are self propelled flowers” R.H. Heinlein

This beautiful lily reminds me of a big stunning butterfly standing on a leaf.

purple lily


purple lily close up

Thursday Color – Yellow

According to the Ayurveda (holistic medicine concept from India) every day of the week has a corresponding color that if you use this color, it may bring harmony and balance to your life and good luck for that day.

Thursday color is yellow and it is best suited for thanking our guides, teachers, mentors and all the great people around us who teach us valuable lessons in life.

To make the most of your day, they recommend you use the color yellow in your life, in flowers, clothes and even food.
Since I’m more of a flower kind of a girl, here are my yellow flowers to thank all the wonderful people around me who teach me something new each and every day.

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Thoughts About Pure White Lily

The summer is almost over, and although the heat was (and still is) unbearable, I found myself feeling a bit gloomy. The vacation is over, the kids went back to school and kindergarten, the beach is empty and the pool is closed. The days got shorter and nature is preparing itself for the upcoming fall.

For some reason, the white lily flower jumped into my thoughts as a symbol of this period. A symbol of something ending and something new is beginning.

white lily flower

white lilies

The white lily has something pure in the way it looks.

The white color makes me feel clean and ready for something new, like a blank canvas ready for a new painting.

The lily’s shape reminds me of an Indian goddess with many hands, each hand is pointing in a different direction letting you know that you can choose a new direction in life.