Cheerful Buttercups






If you pay a close attention to the details in this picture, you will see twosome all over. Two daffodil blooms, two daffodil leaves and two Cyclamen leaves. The funny thing is that I didn’t even notice this twosome motif when I took the picture, only later on when it was on my computer.


The Mysterious Flower

Who can tell which flower is it?

A hint…

It grows on a tree.

mysterious flower

Fuchsia and Green

I love this color combination. The green is the color of abundance and growth and fuchsia is the color of happiness and fun.

fuchsia color flowers

Ball of Fire

This stunning succulent looks like a giant ball of fire. Isn’t it spectacular?

orange suculent flower

The Magical World of Mushrooms

fungi on a tree

I took this picture almost 20 years ago while visiting Olympic National Park, Washington, USA. The fungi fascinated me. When I returned home I enlarged this picture and hang it on the wall.

Few days ago the picture draw my attention.

Looking at the fungi I thought to myself what on earth was I thinking hanging this kind of picture at home. Fungus has such a bad refutation of being of parasite, this is not the message I want to have at home.

But something stopped me from taking it off.

That same day I saw on my grass 2 big mushrooms. The surprising thing was that it still hadn’t rain so where did they come from?

The other day I saw a TV show called the plant kingdom…and again, mushrooms all over.To top it all, this week was the national mushroom day in England.

Oh my god…mushrooms all over.

It got me curious and I had to find out what’s the deal with mushrooms. My findings surprised me very much. You are welcome to read all about it in my latest post: Fungi – Not What You Expected