Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

If you are hosting a thanksgiving dinner, here’s some of my favorite decor ideas from the one and only Martha Stewart.

Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkin Basket by Martha Stewart

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Blooming Pumpkin Vase

Blooming pumpkin vase by Martha Stewart

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Cornhusk Napkin Rings

Cornhusk Napkin Rings By Martha Stewart

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Maybe it is time to change your favorite flower?


Maybe it is time to change your favorite flower?

Having a favorite flower is great, but maybe in a deep level it is just our way to ignore changes and keep stagnant, in the same place?


Read my latest article about why you should consider changing your favorite flower

Joyful Weekend

Pink flowers send a tranquil yet cheerful energy.
Have a fabulous weekend.


The Enigmatic Purple

Purple flowers are great for meditation and help you see things from a higher perspective.
The purple color is a combination of red and blue. Warm and cold colors that create oneness.

In ancient times only high priest, very rich people and the royal family wear purple garments. It was believed to be a spiritual color that connects one to his higher self.



Bougainvillea flower is a tiny blossom that protected by colorful bracts (which gives its color).

It is believed to be a protective plant that word off low energy from your house and keep your family protected.

orange bougainvillea


When you enter a hotel you are custom to see a big flower bouquet decorating the entrance table. This breathtaking design gives a new look that challenge the norms and provide a fresh perspective to the traditional flower arrangements.

The photo was taken by the flower school NY while visiting in France.

A fresh perspective to the traditional flower arrangements

Red Flowers to Boost Your Energy

Red flowers represents passion and energy. But it is also the color of anger, so you’ll need to choose carefully. Use red flowers if you feel a bit down and you need a boost to motivate and provide you with roses